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What to Do if Your Condensate Drain Freezes

Winter HVAC Tip: What to do when your condensate drain line freezes


When the temperatures are cold outside, having heat indoors is absolutely essential. One of the most important components of your HVAC system is the condensate drain line. When heat is being produced from your furnace, it will create moisture. The condensate line is responsible for draining the moisture outdoors and out of your home.

Unfortunately, when the temperatures dip below freezing in the winter, this can cause the moisture to freeze, resulting in a frozen condensation line and a furnace that won’t function. This is a common issue we receive calls about this time of year, which can be stressful for our customers. Below you’ll find helpful information on you can resolve and/or prevent this from happening to your furnace.

How to Thaw a Condensate Line

If your condensate line is already frozen, below are a list of ways you can try and thaw it out:

  • Pour warm (not boiling) water over the condensate pipe
  • Fill a hot water bottle and hold it in place on the line
  • Apply heat slowly cautiously with a hair dryer or heat gun
  • Wrap the line in a heat wrap or an electric heating pad
  • Place a space heater a few feet from the line to warm the area

How to Prevent Your Condensate Line from Freezing

  • Increase the insulation levels in the area if the line runs through an unconditioned space such as an attic, garage, or crawlspace
  • Insulate the condensate drain line and floor drain
  • Wrap heat tape around the interior condensate line

Is This a Reoccurring Issue?

At Associated Heating & Air Conditioning, rerouting condensate drain lines is a service we offer. This can prevent this issue from happening in the future, saving you stress and time. CONTACT US TODAY to get on our schedule.

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