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Attic Fans in Eugene, OR

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The attic is a source of intense heat in a house, but an attic exhaust fan can cost-effectively lower the temperature and help with moisture control to protect the roof. Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is the local electrician you can trust to install an attic vent fan for your home and see you receive all the benefits from it.

  • Ensuring the indoor comfort of the Eugene, OR area since 1978
  • We disclose all costs prior to beginning our work so there are no surprises
  • Our Electricians go through continual training to ensure we provide our customers with the best service possible

We install different types of attic fans. Feel free to ask our team any questions you have—we’re dedicated to seeing you and all our customers are 100% satisfied. We’re also available for attic fan replacements.

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Attic Fan Installation

An attic fan draws the hot air from inside an attic and expels it outdoors, helping to lower the attic temperature. Because an attic can often reach temperatures of 130°F during summer days, removing this heat prevents the rest of the house from getting warmer. With an attic fan, you can expect your home to be 8°F cooler—and that means running the AC less. During winter, these fans lower humidity levels in the attic, which prevents mold and mildew growth that can shorten the lifespan of the roof.

Attic Fan Replacement

Only professional electricians can install an attic fan, and only professionals can replace it when it’s run its course. When you’re ready to upgrade your aging attic vent fan, just call our team and we’ll see the job gets done.

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