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UV Germicidal Lights in Eugene, OR

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People have more worries about germs and other harmful organic pollutants in their homes today than ever before. This makes a UV germicidal light (a UV air purifier) an attractive option. If you’re interested in UV germicidal light installation, the technicians to call are at Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We’ve helped homeowners in Eugene, OR enjoy better indoor health and comfort since 1978.

  • Dedicated to ensuring a 100% satisfaction rate among our customers
  • Our technicians go through continual training each year
  • We disclose all costs prior to beginning our work so there are no surprises

Our work extends beyond installing UV air purifiers for homes: our technicians also repair, maintain, and replace them. No matter the service you’re searching for when it comes to indoor air quality, our work will meet and exceed your expectations.

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UV Germicidal Light Installation

UV air purifiers work by sending out ultraviolet radiation that disrupts the cellular functions of germs, viruses, microbes, mold spores, and other organic pollutants. This either kills the pollutants or renders them inert and harmless. The UV lights aren’t dangerous for people or pets, nor do they put any chemicals into the air. This makes UV germicidal lights an ideal installation to boost your indoor air quality and have a healthier home environment.

UV Germicidal Light Repair

Thankfully, UV air purifiers are easy to care for and will last for many years without you needing to do more than schedule occasional maintenance. When malfunctions do occur, they won’t take long to fix: just contact us in Eugene, OR and we’ll have your UV air purifier repaired.

UV Germicidal Light Maintenance

We mentioned maintenance, and this is something we strongly recommend for anyone who uses an air purifier or air filtration system of any type. Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will help your UV air purifier enjoy a long service life and keep it working when you need it.

Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.'s Maintenance Program

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