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Water Heaters in Eugene, OR

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Every home needs a water heater. But not every home has the water heater they need. Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. wants to ensure that you aren’t stuck with a badly installed water heater or one that doesn’t do the job it should. We offer full water heater service for both traditional water heater models with hot water tanks and energy efficient tankless water heaters.

  • Ensuring the indoor comfort of the Springfield/Eugene, OR area since 1978
  • Dedicated to ensuring a 100% satisfaction rate among our customers
  • We disclose all costs prior to beginning our work so there are no surprises

Our experienced technicians can install new electric tank water heaters, gas tank water heaters, provide water heater maintenance, repairs for a tank water heater, and more. We’re dedicated to our customers and aim to do every job right the first time. Reach out to us today to find out more about your water heater options.

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Hot Water Heater Installation

The traditional water heater that stores water inside a tank is still a popular choice for homes in the Eugene, OR area. If you’re interested in greater energy savings, you can ask us to install a tankless water heater. These units heat water only as needed so they consume less power and won’t run out of hot water.

Hot Water Heater Repair

A water heater requires annual maintenance to ensure it doesn’t fail years too early and runs into few repair troubles. Our maintenance will keep your water heater in great condition, but we’re always ready to help out when you do have a need for repairs. We’ll find the best solution to your water heater troubles.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

A tank water heater will last for around 12 years before it needs a replacement, and a tankless water heater for 20 years. Contact Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. when you’re ready for a replacement system.

Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.'s Maintenance Program

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