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How Long Different Heater Types Take to Install

You know you need a new heating system installed, but now that you have the option, you’re considering a new type of heater. Maybe you’re sick of having a boiler, or the thought of ductless heating excites you. Either way, you need to keep the chills at bay, and you’re curious about how long each system takes to install.

We’ve handled countless heating installations in Springfield, OR, and while every project is different, we have a pretty good timeframe for each type of heater. Here’s what you need to know.

A Quick Disclaimer

Every project is different and requires a specific touch. Some jobs are straightforward: an old heater is removed, a new one goes in, and it’s a clean process. Others are more complicated, and we can’t know for certain until the pre-installation appointment. These are rounded estimates.

Furnaces Can Take as Little as One Day

Sometimes, it may just be a few hours. It all depends on if you’re just replacing an older furnace with a new model. If the ductwork looks good, there’s no need to update the electrical connections, and the new unit is the same size/capacity as the old one, then it should be a quick job.

Sometimes we unearth insulation problems when the old furnace comes out, and gas lines may need to be extended or certain pipe sections replaced. If all goes well, you’ll be able to crank up the heat by the end of the day.

Heat Pumps Take One Day

Heat pumps, similarly to furnaces, don’t take a terribly long time to install. These systems replace your heater and your air conditioner, so if you want both of the old units removed, that may extend the time by a bit. Most installations take up to a full day, but rarely go over that.

Let’s Install Your Heater Today

At the end of the day, it depends on the quality of the heating system you install, how well you take care of it, and if repairs are carried out in a timely manner. We’re a one-stop shop for everything your heater could need, whether it’s an installation, repairs, or maintenance. It’s just another way we help keep you comfortable throughout the year.

Contact us today to schedule your heater installation as soon as possible.

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