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GFCI and AFCI Outlets in Eugene, OR

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Modern homes require outlets that improve safety: GFCI and AFCI outlets. Older homes in the Eugene, OR area will need to have upgrades to these outlets, and Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is the reliable local contractor for the job. We have a long history serving the Willamette valley, and we always put customers first.

  • Ensuring the indoor comfort of the Eugene/Springfield area since 1978
  • Dedicated to ensuring a 100% satisfaction rate among our customers
  • We disclose all costs prior to beginning our work so there are no surprises

Our licensed electricians have the best training, and the work they do for you will go beyond expectations. We pay special attention to the details—it’s simply the way we work, and it’s what our customers want.

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GFCI and AFCI Installation

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter; AFCI stands for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. The two outlets handle similar jobs—they cut short the voltage from an outlet in case there is danger of electrical shocks or shorts within the outlet.

It’s important to have these outlets installed in different areas in a home, and our installers will make sure you have the two types of outlets in the rooms where they are required, such as GFCI outlets in any room that uses water and AFCI outlets in bedrooms and closets.

GFCI and AFCI Repair

A faulty outlet of any kind is potentially dangerous. If you notice outlets that are hot to the touch, which spark, or which have discolored markings on them, stop using the outlet and turn it off at the breaker switch. Then call Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. in Eugene, OR and arrange for us to repair or replace the outlets.

GFCI and AFCI Maintenance

Maintaining your GFCI and AFCI outlets is part of regular electrical maintenance for your home. When you schedule electrical maintenance with our team, we’ll test the outlets to ensure they’re working safely and correctly.

Associated Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.'s Maintenance Program

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