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5 Sounds Your Heater Shouldn’t Make

Your heater may make some noise when it whirs up for a cycle, maybe you notice when it kicks on, then the noise fades into the background. That’s what happens for most people, but when your heater makes noises that constantly catch your attention, that’s a red flag that needs some attention.

If your heater is making some of these odd noises, you may need heating repair before you know it. Let’s run through them so you can know what to listen for.

Chirping Noises

Furnaces can make odd noises when the first turn on for the season, and a chirping sound is one of them. The problem is when it doesn’t stop. It could be an issue of your mounting plate rubbing against a wheel located in the blower motor, and if so, there’s unnecessary damage being caused that needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

Rattling Sounds

You turn your furnace on for the first cycle of the season, and you realize that it’s making an odd sound. It’s like metal rattling around. At first, this isn’t a concern, but when it continues you have something to be worried about.

Rattling could be due to loose bolts just about anywhere in the system, but most notably the access hatch. Vibrations from operation can make the access hatch shake, causing this noise throughout each heating cycle.

Clicking Noises

When there’s a constant, persistent clicking sound, it’s pretty noticeable (and irritating). Beyond being a frustrating noise to deal with, it’s also indicative of a potentially life-threatening issue. This is a sign that your heat exchanger has a sizable crack in it, which will release carbon monoxide into your home. If this is the noise you’re hearing, you need emergency furnace repair.

Any Form of High-Pitched Wailing

When metal screeches against metal, it lets out an unpleasant wailing sound. This noise doesn’t just sound bad, but it also causes major strain to your components. Moving metal parts in your heater are supposed to be lubricated to prevent this, which is one more reason that it’s important to upkeep a maintenance schedule since your technician will take care of this during that appointment.

Loud Banging Sounds

When metal expands, it can make some banging noises every now and again. You’ll mostly notice this when you first turn on your heater after it’s been dormant all summer. But if these noises are excessive or don’t stop after the first few days of operation, it could be indicative of a bigger problem. Give it a few days and monitor the noises before making a call for repairs.

Don’t Delay Those Heater Repairs Any Longer

Your heater can’t wait. If any of these sounds jumped out at you and made you realize that something isn’t quite right with your heating system, give us a call today. We’ll diagnose the issue and solve the problem as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home comfort uninterrupted.

Contact us today to schedule your heating repair as soon as possible.

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