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How Attic Fans Help Reduce Home Cooling Costs

When the temperature spikes in summer, homeowners everywhere find themselves blasting the air conditioner to keep their home as comfortable as possible. The problem is, that’s not exactly great for your energy bill at the end of the month.

But there’s something you can do to keep things cool without spending a lot of money: installing a whole house attic fan. We’ll explain how these machines work to reduce your cooling costs by a lot more than you’d first expect.

Your Home Is Ventilated a Whole Lot Better

An attic fan ventilates all that hot air trapped inside your attic. Throughout the summer, your attic heats up due to the direct sun exposure on the roof. When this happens, the heat radiates into your home and battles against your air conditioner. Even though most of that heat is trapped in the attic, it still affects how much your air conditioner has to work to keep the rest of your house cool. Ventilating that hot air outside with a fan is cheaper than running the air conditioner.

To put it into context, your attic’s air temperature can be a whopping 50°F higher than the rest of your home in some situations. Even on less extreme days, it’s likely still around 20°F hotter than the rest of your home. Pulling that air outside with an attic fan evens it out so it’s closer to your actual home temperature.

Attic Fans Are Cheaper to Run

Your attic fan runs quite often, especially in the middle of summer. So how is that cheaper than your air conditioner that just kicks on as needed? The electricity cost to run a single fan, even a powerful one that ventilates your entire attic, is far cheaper than starting your entire air conditioner in terms of energy cost.

The fan isn’t conditioning the air; it’s moving hot air out of the home. Instead of trying to cool hot air, you simply get rid of it to equalize the temperature. Even if it runs more often, a whole house attic fan doesn’t hit you in the wallet the same way that more AC operations do.

The Long-Term Savings

Your AC has a lifespan that’s partially measured by how much it operates. The goal of an energy-efficient home is to not use your systems more than needed, so you don’t break them down as quickly.

A whole house attic fan actually works to reduce dependency on your air conditioner. Since it runs less often than it used to once you install an attic fan, you’re burning through wear and tear damage at a slower rate. Replacing an attic fan is cheaper than replacing an air conditioner if need be.

Install Your Whole House Attic Fan Today

Now that you know just how powerful these can be, and how much money you can save every single year, what’s stopping you? Contact us today and we’ll talk you through the process to get you set up with your own attic fan as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your attic fan installation as soon as possible.

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