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Celebrating Our November Employee of the Month

We are so proud of the team we have at Associated Heating & Air Conditioning! One of the ways we celebrate them is through our Employee of the Month Award! A new recipient is announced at our monthly meeting by the outgoing titleholder. They get to choose who they’d like to pass the title to. It’s important to our company that this award remains employee-driven. It’s a fun way for the award to move throughout our company, from department to department.

There are various departments without our company, including a full team of technicians and electricians who go out into the field and install and service our customer’s HVAC systems. We also have our office staff who schedule and dispatch appointments, keeping everything organized and efficient. Every department plays an integral part in our overall success. Small interactions have a big impact and we love the idea of celebrating these exchanges through our Employee of the Month Award! Company culture is so important to us! This is just one of the many ways we show our appreciation to our amazing team!


Matthew, an Installation Technician at Associated Heating & Air Conditioning, embodies a remarkable blend of positivity, engagement, and work ethic. His easy-going demeanor creates a work environment that is not only enjoyable, but also efficient. Matthew’s willingness to jump right into the task at hand, regardless of their complexity, showcases his dedication to the success of our company.

November 2023 Employee of the Month awarded to Matthew, an Install Technician at Associated Heating & Air Conditioning

What sets Matthew apart is his consistency in showing up each and every day, ready to take on the challenges ahead. His reliability has become a cornerstone of our Installation Team, ensuring that operations run smoothly. He’s an adaptable fast learner, who absorbs information and skills at impressive speeds. Matthew’s punctuality and hard work make him an asset to our company, instilling confidence in both colleagues and customers alike.

Matthew, we celebrate you as our November Employee of the Month. You are an absolute asset to our team! You exemplify the qualities essential for success in this industry and we can’t wait to see where your journey leads! Congratulations, Matthew! You’ve earned this recognition and so much more!

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