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How Air Purifiers Help You Sleep Better at Night

The air you breathe directly affects your health. The problem is, most homes have anywhere from 4 to 9 times more pollutants in the air than exists right outside. The result? Your respiratory system works overtime, even when you sleep, so you wake up feeling less rested, and it continually cuts into your sleep quality.

Air purifier service in Springfield, OR help you breathe easier and sleep more soundly. Your indoor air quality isn’t just important—it’s paramount to your health and quality of life. Let’s show you how it helps, starting with your sleep.

Air Purifiers Reduce Allergens in the Air

Throughout the day, you breathe in fewer allergens. While an air purifier doesn’t capture 100% of everything, it can help reduce the total amount of allergens in the air by a staggering amount. Even if you don’t suffer from dust, seasonal, or pet allergies, there’s a good reason to reduce the amount you breathe in anyway.

Your lungs have a natural filtration system. Your lungs use a mucus to capture debris that comes in through the air you breathe. The problem is, as with everything in the body, it has a certain capacity and expends energy. If you’re introducing unnecessary, high amounts of allergens into your lungs, it still has to filter those out, making your respiratory system work harder than it needs to.

They Also Reduce Odors in the Air

Ever wake up because you smell something? Strong (and especially undesirable) scents can rouse your sleep, even if it doesn’t wake you up entirely. Your olfactory system is constantly on the lookout for new scents in the air, and reacts to them. Air purifier systems help eliminate bad odors in the air, resulting in fewer disturbances when you’re in a state of deep sleep.

Indirect Benefit for Your Energy Levels

The human body doesn’t just measure sleep in hours, but in quality. Less quality sleep, even for a full eight hours every night, reduces the positive impact it has on your health. If you improve your overall air quality throughout your home, removing allergens, dust, debris, and pet dander, you’ll sleep better, meaning you’ll feel more energized. It’s believed that your energy levels throughout the day are affected by a specific molecule (ATP) that your body creates during the last stage of sleep, referred to as deep sleep.

Don’t take our word for it: read information from Harvard Health, Heartscope Specialist Group, and Penn Medicine News. Your indoor air quality affects your health more than most people know: it’s time to add an air purifier system.

Your Air Quality Issues Can’t Wait

You’re breathing in unnecessary amounts of particulate matter, debris, and dust right now while you read this. It’s time to take action and install a new air purifier system to help your home and your family’s health as soon as possible. Once we install your system, we’ll schedule your annual maintenance to make sure that it stays running year after year.

Contact us today to schedule your air purifier installation as quickly as possible.

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