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How Zone Control Helps Your Heating Bill

You turn on your heater, let it flow into every room of your house (even the ones you’re not using right now), and… that’s it. That’s just how it goes. But have you ever stopped to think about how much money that wastes on a daily basis? How much worse is that during really cold days in the dead of winter?

We install zone control systems in Eugene, OR so that homeowners can have more control over how they heat and cool their homes. You can custom tailor your heating and cooling solutions even more than you can right now. If you’ve never heard zone control systems or you’re just wondering how they help with your bills, let us explain.

First, What is a Zone Control System?

It’s a series of thermostats that gauge multiple temperatures across your home. It then interacts with a central thermostat, which operates dampers that either block or allow air access to different areas in your ductwork.

You have no plans of going into your study today, or you want to turn the heater on while the kids are at school but don’t want to pay to heat 8p the whole house. That’s where a zone control system comes in handy–it’s like selecting which rooms you want to affect, and ignoring the others.

How it Impacts Your Short-Term Bills

Heating your home in the winter may be your most expensive bill throughout the month. It’s hard to maintain your entire house’s running temperature, but with a zone control system, you don’t have to.

Even if you just exclude one or two zones, your heater now has a lot less to do. It doesn’t have to heat every cubic foot of those particular zones, so all the heat coming through the ductwork funnels into smaller zones, heating them up faster than you would expect. Simply put, it’s doing less work, so you’re paying less money.

The Long-Term Benefits

Let’s say your heater turns on ten times during an average day. Of those ten times, it’s going full throttle to quickly heat your home, then it powers down. That cycle may last for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

Now imagine heating just a few zones out of your home. Your heater doesn’t have to wait for the total house temperature to rise in order to receive that “OFF” signal from the thermostat. It’s much easier and faster to heat one zone rather than all of them, so it runs for shorter cycles, promoting better longevity for your heater since it’s not working nearly as hard as it would without a zone control system.

Install a Zone Control System Today

We’re ready to install your zone control system as soon as possible. If lower heating bills sound like a good idea to you, it’s time to make the leap and install a system that stands to help you save money more than anything else currently in your home. It all starts with a phone call, then we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us today to schedule your zone control system installation or repairs as soon as possible.

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