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Why Your Heat Pump Isn’t Switching Modes

Your heat pump wears two hats: it’s an air conditioner in the summer, and a heater in the winter. Sometimes it runs into trouble along the way. It’s a lot of stress for a single HVAC unit to endure, and it can cause mode switching problems.

You don’t want to go through the ringer of heat pump repair, but when it doesn’t switch modes, there’s a good chance you’ll need to call for it. Let’s run through some of your options first so you know exactly what to expect, and if a simple at-home solution might be able to fix it.

Your Air Filters Need to be Changed

Before we jump to conclusions or expect the worst, we need to check that air filter. Your filter is critical for heat pump performance, because it supplies warm air to the condenser coil. When your coil receives warm air, a change happens to the refrigerant in the lines.

The reaction causes the state of the refrigerant to change and produce cool air, which then goes through to your blower motor, and it’s spread throughout the home.

You see the common theme? It’s all about airflow. When you don’t have sufficient airflow coming into the machine, it puts a wrench in the gears right from the beginning of the process. Dirty air filters restrict air intake, so try changing your filter before anything else.

Your Thermostat Might Be Miscalibrated

Your thermostat measures the temperature of the room. When it compares it against the desired temperature you’ve set, it sends an on or off signal to your heat pump. The heat pump itself doesn’t actually read the temperature of the room, so when your thermostat is on the fritz, it makes your heat pump look like it’s broken.

If your thermostat is simply miscalibrated, you might be able to fix the problem by reading the thermostat manual and applying the correct steps. If it doesn’t appear fixable at home, you can call us to come in and take c are of the problem for you.

A Bad Solenoid

Within your heat pump, there’s a mechanism called a solenoid. Picture it like a small switch with two sides. One for heating, and one for cooling. This is what ultimately controls whether your heat pump acts as a heater or an air conditioner at the time.

When your solenoid malfunctions, your heat pump stays in one mode. This may go unnoticed at first, but when the seasons (and your comfort preferences) change, this problem rears its head. Replacing the solenoid should be enough to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t a DIY job. You’ll need an experienced technician to carry out this task.

Your Heat Pump Needs Some TLC

If you experience any issues with your heat pump that you can’t fix on your own through changing the air filter or resetting your thermostat, it’s time to make the call and get your heat pump repaired by a professional.

Contact us today to repair your heat pump as soon as possible and restore your comfort before you know it.

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