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Celebrating Our May Employee of the Month

We have an amazing team at Associated Heating & Air Conditioning! We celebrate how great they are in many ways– including our Employee of the Month Award! A new recipient is awarded at our monthly meeting by the outgoing titleholder each month. They choose who they’d like to pass the torch to at the next company meeting. It’s important to us that the award remains employee-driven, so they can base their decision on their own interactions within the company. This is a fun way to move the title throughout all of the different departments we have at Associated. The Employee of the Month Award has become a highlight at our monthly meetings!


Alex, an Electrician at Associated Heating & Air Conditioning, is an understated kind of guy who shows up each and every day without expecting any recognition. He’s worked his way up through our company, starting as an installer, then moving over to service, finally landing as an electrician. Alex is friendly, easy-going, and always has a smile on his face. His reliability and strong work ethic speak volumes about his dedication to always going above and beyond, no matter what the job entails. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his years of service at Associated, his attention to detail, and always going above and beyond.

Alex makes a positive impact to our company every single day. He keeps his calm and cool demeanor, at all times, no matter the situation. As an electrician, he works hard and endures long days with projects that are ever-changing- all without ever complaining. One of Alex’s best qualities is his witty banter and funny quips that he’s always ready to deliver at a moments notice. We appreciate how easy going he always is and the light-hearted qualities he brings to our team!

We are so excited to celebrate you as our May Employee of the Month, Alex. You are an absolute asset to our team! You exemplify the qualities essential for success in this industry and we can’t wait to see where your journey continues to lead! We’re so thankful for your commitment to our company and we value everything you do! Congratulations, Alex! You’ve earned this recognition and so much more!

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